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Never hired a yacht before?

Then there are probably some questions you would like answered about yacht charter in Dubai. Give us a call and we will give you all the information you need to help plan your trip, with no pressure and no obligation.

1. What are the security and safety tools and measures do you carry onboard?

We follow strict safety measures throughout the trip. The safety equipments like safety vests, children's safety vests, safety raft, safety rings, signal flares, fire extinguishers, fire blankets, First aid kit are available within the yacht. The yacht is operated by expert skipper who is well-versed with the sea and its weather conditions. The deck crew is trained in First Aid and Safety Drills at sea. Crew members are familiar with the marine radar and communication systems and navigation maps. They are well trained to use equipments for safety, first-aid, public safety, fire fighting and water pollution.

Our yachts are set with the most modern navigation and communication facilities and a a very high frequency (VHF) radio. We obey and execute all UAE Governmental requirements and our equipment is inspected and repaired periodically.

The yacht is insured and the certifications are displayed onboard.

2. Can you assure my privacy onboard?

We assure complete privacy always. If you inform us on prior, your privacy will be respected everywhere and our crew will be careful in this regard.

3. Does your crews are highly experienced in yachting?

Certainly. The crews are selected based on the selection criteria defined. They must have well experience and should meet the required qualifications to serve you onboard. They are trained in Personal Survival Techniques , Firefighting and Fire Prevention, Elementary First Aid, Personal Safety and Social Responsibility.

4. What is the normal tip amount to crew members?

Gratuity is very individual decision. As a guideline, normally tip amount is 5% of the total fee. But it is up to your decision and discretion. If you are satisfied with the service of our crew members, you can appreciate them with these gratuities.

5. Will you provide towels?

We are providing a hotel room facility in the yacht. A set of fresh towels are there for provided for our guests in each room and our customers can take pleasure in swimming or water sports if they would like to do so.

6. What is your recommended time for an ideal cruise?

The ship will leave port at the Cruise Time. At least 4 hours is needed to have the benefit and joy of cruise. So we advise you to take at least this minimum hour to enjoy a happy and memorable cruise.

7. Is it mandatory to bring the ID proof?

Yes. Based on UAE Coast guard rules and regulations each and every guest should have identity proof . So you each one must carry their UAE/ Driving Licence or passport copy as an ID proof.

8. Which are the areas that can be covered by a typical cruise?

Covering area depends on how long will be your cruise and also it also based on your special requirements. A classic cruise includes The Palm Jumeirah, World Islands, The Atlantis, Burj Al Arab and the Dubai Marina Lagoon.

9. What if someone feels sea sickness?

You must have sea sickness tablets prior to the departure. This will be available at the time of onboard. You can seek help from the crews and they are always ready to serve you.

10. What is the maximum no. of guests allowed in a yacht cruise ?

It will be based on yacht capacity. There is a strict rule set by UAE Regulatory Bodies on the basis of Health and Safety measures . And the maximum number of guests allowed will be clearly specified on the yacht comparison chart.

11. What will do in case of unfavorable weather conditions?

Definitely Yacht cruising tours will depend on the weather condition. In poor weather conditions, a credit note for the charter will be issued against any future date. If the weather is fine, we will carry out the charter as per the cruise route.

12. Is it possible to customize lunch / dinner menus?

Yes. We will customize all menus as per your requirement. If you need any precise dietary requirements, please inform at the time of your booking.

13. Shall we arrange a small disco party?

Yes. You can arrange a disco party and can bring your own music collections. Every yacht is having an audio CD player and a good sound system.

14. What are the additional facilities available?

We offer luxury transportation, birth day cakes, floral arrangements etc. please feel free to contact us for more details.

15. From where can we do boarding?

We can welcome and receive you from Dubai Marina Yacht Club which is situated in the Dubai Marina.

16. When should we reach at the boarding place?

We advise you to report at least 30 minutes prior to the leaving time which will help us to avoid any delay to start our trip.

17. What will be the minimum advance booking time for yacht reservation?

It is better to do the reservation as early as possible. This will avoid the chance of unavailability of yacht and help us to serve you with pleasure.

18. Explain your terms and conditions in yacht cruise booking?

You can refer our terms and conditions and get a complete details regarding this . It is mandatory to sign this document prior to departure.

19. Which are the payment modes you support?

We support credit cards, cheques & cash payment. All reservations will be confirmed only after receiving the advance payment.

20. What will be the due time allotted for balance amount?

You must pay the due amount before boarding time and we accept only the cash payment.


Charter Inclusions

Default items included in the yacht cruise are Your Yacht, Captain and at least 1 Crew Member, fuel, water, ice, soft drinks, towels, fishing rods, first aids, and safety equipments.

Number of Passengers

Number of passengers depends on the yacht capacity. Total number of Passenger s must be finalized 24 hours prior to the departure.

Children's Responsibility

The parents or guardians must have the sole responsibility of their children. That is the crew will not be responsible for children.


Flat non-marking soled deck shoes or trainers are permitted onboard. Do not wear shoes with heals since it is not permitted onboard. Comfortable clothing and suntan protection like sunscreen lotions are recommended.


Yacht reservations are confirmed based on the availability of the yacht. No liability will be accepted in case a booking is cancelled due to non-availability of a yacht. Advance payment will be refunded in this case.

Cancellation of Charter by Dubai bus Charter

Cancellation of Charter by Dubai bus Charter will terminate or postpone in case of unfavorable weather conditions, unexpected mechanical failure, Coastguard restrictions or UAE Law enforcement decrees. In this point, we will reschedule the charter. If any inconvenience for the rescheduling, the paid amount will be refunded in full.

Cancellation by Dubai Bus Charter Clients

Dubai Bus Charter will not refund advance payment in case of any cancellation by clients.

Charter Fee

50% of charter fee is required as advance payment at yacht reservation time. Must pay the balance 50% prior to the departure.

Recreation Liability Indemnity

Dubai Bus Charter will not be liable for any personal injury during any entertainment activities like swimming, fishing, parasailing or any other water sports.

Anti-Social Behavior

Anti-Social Behavior will not be permitted and will inform the police if it occurs. And this will terminate the cruise.

General Liability Indemnity

Dubai Bus Charter will not take the liability and responsibility for any loss or additional expenses incurred as a result of accident, injury, sickness or death.

Observance of all UAE Law and Practices

Please note the following points UAE Law:
1. Total Number of passengers must be within the limit that stated on charter registration
2. Persons under 21 years must be under the supervision of a mature adult
3. All foodstuffs brought onboard by cruise team members must be that which is UAE approved
4. Fishing must be conducted under UAE regulations
6. Animals or pets may not be brought onboard
7. Captain and crew member contingent as required for charters under UAE law.

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